About Us

EyeGuide began as a research project in Dr. Brian Still’s Usability Research Lab at Texas Tech University in 2010. Brian and other co-founders spun EyeGuide off from Texas Tech University in 2011 and developed and marketed the world’s most affordable eye-tracking research system. Later the EyeGuide team innovated the second product, Assist, which allowed users to control the computer mouse with their eyes.

In 2012 EyeGuide debuted EyeGuide Mobile Tracker in a TEDx talk before its commercial debut in 2014. The EyeGuide Mobile Tracker continues to be used by researchers worldwide, allowing them to conduct studies of users in action, attempting to understand what they are seeing as they carry out a variety of tasks.

Building on previously patented technologies of EyeGuide Assist and EyeGuide Mobile Tracker, the team then developer the company’s most successful product to date, EyeGuide Focus. In consultation with medical researchers and professional athletic trainers EyeGuide developed Focus, the 10-second visual acuity test. In 2016 EyeGuide Focus was commercialized and used across a wide range of sports and user populations across high school, collegiate and professional football, soccer, Mixed Martial Arts and then later  rugby and Australian Rules Football.

EyeGuide, still led by Dr Brian Still as Chairman,  is now used throughout 10 countries to help teams better manage the wellbeing of their team.

Professor Brian Still PhD