One test. 10 seconds. Immediate feedback.

EyeGuide Focus provides rapid feedback on brain activity using proprietary eye-tracking software.

What is EyeGuide Focus?


EyeGuide Focus—a proprietary hardware & software platform—allows professionals to easily administer a simple, 10-second test to screen for brain activity.


What if, in 10 seconds, you could collect data about brain activity in comparison to a pre-determined baseline?

What if that data could help athletic trainers, coaches, doctors, and parents better evaluate an athlete's ability to perform certain activities?


What if that data could help health professionals better understand an athlete's mental status?


EyeGuide Focus turns "what if" into reality. 

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Quick baselines. Quick tests.
Quick feedback.


EyeGuide Focus was specifically designed to make baseline, post-injury, and return-to-play screening quick, easy, and data-driven. You won't spend 30-60 minutes testing one person: you'll spend 10 seconds. After you're done,  you can administer any and all required care.


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Critical data in a matter of seconds.


In only 10 seconds, EyeGuide Focus collects and visualizes data about current brain activity. EyeGuide Focus leverages innovative technology to easily let you know what someone's eye movements are saying about the activity of their brain.


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Accurate and Sensitive Testing


The test used by EyeGuide Focus to measure a person's ability to smoothly follow an object is well established in scientific and medical research. Our proprietary technology is also highly sensitive, which means the data will accurately reflect if someone is or isn't able to follow the test stimulus.


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