One test. 10 seconds.

EyeGuide Focus rapidly captures objective data on eye movements using proprietary eye-tracking software & hardware.

What is EyeGuide Focus?


EyeGuide Focus—a proprietary hardware & software platform—allows professionals to easily administer a simple, 10-second test to capture eye movement data.

Monitor eye tracking for research purposes.

Aids in visual acuity training and eye-hand coordination.

Assists in tracking performance, concentration and training for athletics & recreation.

Track eye movement to aid in assessments of coordination and pattern recognition.

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Objective data in a matter of seconds.

Monitor eye tracking for research purposes.

Monitor functional eye movement.


In only 10 seconds, EyeGuide Focus collects and visualizes objective data on eye movements.


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Accurate and Sensitive Testing


The test used by EyeGuide Focus is designed to objectively measure eye movements. Our proprietary technology is also highly sensitive, which means the data will accurately reflect if someone is or isn't able to follow the test stimulus.


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