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Some places where EyeGuide technology is used.

The EyeGuide’s compact size means my research is portable, I can go to the participant for data collection (increasing the number of participants willing to participate). I was pleased at how easy the system is to use right out of the box. I was collecting data within minutes of it’s arrival.
— Dr. Sarah Hansen, Columbia University
We love the new EyeGuide. Your commitment to continuous improvement is unparalleled.
— Heather Sutton, Saint Mary's Press
We tested and loved your eye tracker.
— Fernando Muniz Simas, CEO, DIL Brands
We are very pleased with our eye tracker. It has enabled us to set up a UXD lab within a very tight budget. Students can gain valuable testing experiences and we can offer a broad selection of user testing technologies to our industry clients.
— Dr. Tony Sampson, University of East London

EyeGuide® Mobile Tracker

Our latest product is a real-time, portable eye tracking system designed to be usable by just about anyone.

The product of two years of intense R&D, testing, and careful attention to user experience, the Mobile Tracker is now being used around the world by researchers, individuals, and notable institutions.


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