See what others see. In real-time.


Two years in the making, built on innovative technology, ongoing iterative user experience (UX) testing, as well as critical feedback from customers of our first generation eye tracker, EyeGuide Mobile Tracker has been developed to be the ideal combination of affordability, flexibility, and capability.


Some places where EyeGuide technology is used.

The EyeGuide’s compact size means my research is portable, I can go to the participant for data collection (increasing the number of participants willing to participate). I was pleased at how easy the system is to use right out of the box. I was collecting data within minutes of it’s arrival.
— Dr. Sarah Hansen, Columbia University

Mobile Tracker Headset

Mobile Tracker Headset


You can view detailed technical specifications here, but a brief review below of our Mobile Tracker’s key features shows that it is a complete eye tracking system, hardware and software included, which offers advantages far superior to other mobile tracking systems, making it a platform you can rely on for conducting studies in almost any environment.

With the increased emphasis on in situ or field testing so that researchers can gain a more accurate understanding of how users actually engage with technology or carry out other real-world activities, the EyeGuide® Mobile Tracker is a turn-key solution for implementing, in the field


Mobile Tracker Pack

Mobile Tracker Pack

We love the new EyeGuide. Your commitment to continuous improvement is unparalleled.
— Heather Sutton, Saint Mary's Press
  • Mobile technology evaluation

  • Driving, flying, or other training and research where users are operating vehicles or equipment

  • Sports research, during practice or even in game situations

  • Mixed media research as users engage with different technology in a mobile environment

  • Shopping or other consumer research

  • Eye tracking of art, billboards, signs, and other non-screen objects, products, and displays

  • Printed book, magazines, and other hard copy publication research

The research possibilities are unlimited, simply because of EyeGuide® Mobile Tracker’s features.  Ready to buy? Contact EyeGuide today.


Lightweight. Wearable. Non-Intrusive.
Flexible eye tracking.

The Mobile Tracker is designed for users with head sizes ranging from 6.5 to 8 (US), so it will accommodate testing on young children through adults. Its headset design allows for researchers to communicate with users during testing, and since the Mobile Tracker is a headset, users with glasses can wear it. In addition, it relies on a hot mirror to calibrate and track the user’s eye movements, so no camera obstructs the user’s regular vision.


Mobile Tracker


HD, Wide-Angle Scene Camera.
0.5° Accuracy.

The Mobile Tracker’s built-in scene camera boasts a 90 degree horizontal field of view, the widest among all mobile eye tracking systems. In fact, the scene camera returns HD video covering the user’s entire natural field of view. A novel hardware/software solution guarantees head movement compensation and the mitigation of parallax distortion, ensuring 0.5 degree gaze position accuracy (assuming adequate initial calibration), indoors or out, even if the user is moving around carrying out physically demanding or just natural everyday tasks.


Platform Independent. Wireless.
5+ Hours of Testing Time.

The Mobile Tracker has its own built-in operating system, so you can use it with any platform you choose, e.g. Microsoft Windows, macOS, Apple iOS, Android phones and tablets, etc. Connect to the Tracker using any device supporting the common 802.11g wireless protocol and see what the user is viewing—live—from the device of your choice. And the battery and storage pack, which can be worn on a belt or in a large pocket, allows you to record video and eye tracking data as part of a test for more than five hours before recharging or downloading the test results. Of course, you can record data via the wireless connection to any external storage medium, and you also can connect the Mobile Tracker directly to AC power for non-stop use.


Analytical and Visualization Software Built-in along with a Real-Time API.


Included in the price of the Mobile Tracker is a full suite of software to help you test, observe, and analyze eye tracking data. Our EyeGuide® Analyze software can be viewed in detail here, but new improvements to it include Pre-Defined Areas of Interest (AOIs), which complement other tools including heat maps, gaze plots, and dynamic clusters. You can watch users live from any device using our EyeGuide® Visualize software. You can also control testing, either communicating with the user, or toggling the area of interest so that data collection can be focused dynamically: you can switch, for example, from emphasizing a laptop screen to an object in the user’s physical environment, then back to the laptop screen or perhaps a smart phone screen. As always, EyeGuide® allows you to set up tests with tasks and carry out calibration. Finally, a real-time API (application programming interface) is always available—beamed directly from the hardware—for customized data analysis using the software of your choice.


Free Software Upgrades.

For the lifetime of the product, EyeGuide offers free software upgrades. Check out the EyeGuide Apps or visit the Download page for the latest versions.


We tested and loved your eye tracker.
— Fernando Muniz Simas, CEO, DIL Brands

Technical Specifications



Interface Design

Video based headset eye tracker


Gaze Position Accuracy






Calibration Validation









Headset Dimensions

206 x 203 x 157.5 mm (8.11 x 8 x 6.2”)


Online Communication

Integrated wireless for live viewing on multiple platforms (802.11g)


Scene Camera Recording Angle/Visual Angle

97° horizontal, 40° vertical, 136° diagonal

Eye Tracking Technique

Dark pupil


Eyeware Compatibility

Works with contact lenses or glasses


Calibration Procedure

9 point, system guided


Parallax Compensation




Hot mirror glass, IR reflective coating


Live Audio Playback

48000 Hz 16-bit stereo



FCC Certified


Scene Camera Video & Format Resolution

1280x720 H.264 @ 30fps

Eye Tracking

Monocular, right eye


Data Rate

60 Hz


Post Calibration




Plastic, Rubber, Glass, Leather


Audio Speakers



Cable Length

1829 mm (72”)



US 6.5 to 8 (EU metric 52 to 64) or XS to LG


Scene Camera Lens Aperture & Focal

F3.2, 3.02mm



Storage Media

MicroSD card (highest quality)


Battery Life

5hrs continuous



160 x 110 x 58 mm

Card Size



Battery Type

Rechargeable Li-ion, 15000mAh



680.4 g (24 oz)

Maximum Recording Time

5hrs continuous



Mobile Tracker power (5V, 4.0A) connectors

Device Compatibility

Windows, macOS