For Sports & Schools


For Sports & Schools


EyeGuide is used by amateur leagues, schools, collegiate and professional teams across the US and in 10 countries throughout the world.

Innovative leaders use EyeGuide’s latest technology to go the extra mile to promote their team’s brain health. 

Whether its used after an incident on the sporting field or school playground, or to understand fatigue, EyeGuide can give players and parents peace of mind that they can safely play the sports they love. 

In just 30 minutes, sporting administrators, first aiders, educators and athletic trainers can be trained on how to use EyeGuide to conduct a simple test for their entire team.


Eye Tracking for Sports

For years, medical professionals have waved a finger in front of someone’s eyes as a way to analyse their brain function. Now eye tracking technology such as EyeGuide is doing the same test in a more modern, objective way to better understand the brain.

Eye tracking should be used in addition to the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) that is prescribed by your league or association and a medical professional should always be consulted in order to diagnose a concussion.   

Real time objective data allows individuals or teams to be monitored over time to allow better decision making.

Easy to understand results


A key benefit of Eye Guide is that each 10 second test instantly produces a score and 9 scale ranking from “Very Superior” to “Extremely Poor”. This allows an objective baseline to be set and then changes to the score monitored over time or after a specific incident. Below is a sample profile of a player who had an incident on the sports field and how EyeGuide was used to gather data during their recovery until they returned to their baseline.

Baseline Ranking : High average

Ranking immediately after incident : Very Poor

Ranking 1 week after incident : Borderline

Ranking 2 weeks after incident : High average

Eye Guide provides 2 solutions to ensure teams large and small can benefit from the technology.

EyeGuide Focus

Conduct unlimited tests on up to 500 athletes or students.

View the results instantly on the device and your data will be securely backed up in the cloud.

We will train your first aider, trainer or volunteer on how to administer the test in just 30 minutes.

A low cost solution for amateur sporting clubs to ensure everyone can access the technology.

EyeGuide Focus Pro

Conduct unlimited tests on unlimited people.

View the results instantly on the device and remotely on the web based analytics package.

We provide a comprehensive training and onboarding package.

Designed for elite schools, colleges and professional sporting teams to provide the best possible care.