State of the art platform for capturing objective data on functional eye movements.


The market's fastest eye tracking system.



The Eyes Don’t Lie

EyeGuide Focus tracks eye movements hundreds of times per second.



Look. Lock. Test.

Testing with EyeGuide Focus is fast and simple. No manual scoring, long exams, or analysis. Time is never an obstacle.

1. Place chin in Chinrest. Lock pupil with iPad app.

2. Begin test with touch of a button.

3. View test result.



Mobile. Durable. Easy to use.

EyeGuide Focus is mobile. It works at home or away, traveling in a durable, impact-resistant case.

Test participants follow the dot for 10 seconds.

Track objective eye movements over time.



Automated Record Keeping with EyeGuide Focus Profiles

Profiles provide objective eye movement data over time.



Automated Eye-Tracking. Precise Data.

Visualized results get everyone on the same page.

Instantly view eye movement data.


Transform the “finger test” into a simple, repeatable test to capture and chart objective eye movement data over time.