State of the art platform screening of brain activity for players, parents, coaches, and athletic trainers.

Focus is rapid & sensitive, and is ideal for unlimited baselines, sideline tests, and ongoing return-to-play monitoring.


The market's fastest brain activity monitoring solution

Testing only takes 10 seconds.



The Eyes Don’t Lie

Eye tracking tests are consistent, reliable indicators of potential neurological change.

EyeGuide Focus tracks eye movements hundreds of times per second.



Worry-free. You won’t be left to wonder. Focus offers a specific scoring system.

Cheat Proof. Other tests can be cheated, learned, or manipulated. Not Focus.

Versatile. It goes where you go. It’s perfect for baseline,  sideline (at impact), and monitoring.



Look. Lock. Test.

Testing with EyeGuide Focus is fast and simple. No manual scoring, long exams, or analysis. Time is never an obstacle.

1. Place chin in Chinrest. Lock pupil with iPad app.

2. Begin test with touch of a button.

3. View test result. Done!



Mobile. Durable. Easy to use.

EyeGuide Focus is mobile. It works at home or away, traveling in a durable, impact-resistant case.

Test participants follow the dot for 10 seconds.

Test results are automatically scored, recorded, and added to profile.

Track progress over time. Stand on objective proof.



No Cheating!

EyeGuide Focus rejects abnormally low baselines. If the athlete intentionally "messes up" on the test, the platform will notice.

There is no such thing as performing "too well" or getting a 100% on the test. (In statistical terms, we say the test scores have no "ceiling effect.") Therefore, impaired performance on the test cannot be disguised.

No matter how good you are—if you're impaired, your score will drop.



Automated Record Keeping with EyeGuide Focus Profiles

Profiles provide clinicians, athletic trainers, coaches, and parents with relevant data that they can further use in making future decisions for their athletes. Using EyeGuide Focus before and after injury ensures you’ll always have athlete information at your fingertips.



Eliminate Second-Guessing With Quantitative Scoring

EyeGuide Focus uses a color-coded, chronological visualization to assist return-to-activity monitoring and testing. You don’t have to guess because EyeGuide Focus makes it clear.



Automated Eye-Tracking. Precision Scoring.

Visualized results get everyone on the same page.

Brain activity management is a team effort.


Transform Your Brain Activity Monitoring and Eliminate Lengthy, Manual Scoring.