Q: Is EyeGuide Focus safe?

A: It's perfectly safe. We don't hit the athlete's eye with any harmful light, and we certainly don't make direct contact with the eye. Instead, the eye is imaged using our high speed, eye-tracking camera. We do ask the athlete to look at an iPad screen a comfortable distance away for about 10 seconds, but we think most people these days spend a lot more than 10 seconds looking at screens!

Q: How does the hardware work?

A: The hardware is made up of the EyeGuide headset, similar to a lightweight pair of headphones; the EyeGuide pack, a small plastic box containing the "brains" of the system; and a proprietary cable that connects the two. The headset has a special eye tracking camera that sees the reflection of the athlete's eye in a tiny, adjustable mirror. When you flip the hardware on, it starts broadcasting a wireless network called "EyeGuide". You connect to this wireless network on the iPad, open the EyeGuide Focus app, and begin testing. It takes less than a minute to get started. The system is not dependent on existing Internet access or lack thereof: it's entirely self contained.

Q: How does the system "learn" from new tests?

A: As mentioned above, the system is continually establishing a "new normal" for different cohorts of athletes (age, gender, etc.). These normals are used by the system to determine whether an athlete's performance on the EyeGuide Focus test is acceptable. When you finish testing, you can optionally press the "Sync" button in the Focus app, and the system will transmit anonymized data to our secure server, and our secure server will notify the app about new cohort data collected elsewhere. Please note that at no time does the system share information other than anonymized test scores, and even this functionality is strictly optional.

Q: Is the data secure?

A: Yes. EyeGuide Focus incorporates a login system similar to the one used on other apps and Web sites. Upon purchasing a system, you will be assigned a username and password. The data you add to the system can only be accessed with this username and password. If your password is compromised, we can reset it for you, again similar to a web site login. This will stop unauthorized access to the system.

Q: What do I need to run EyeGuide Focus?

A: Just an iPad (4th generation or newer, including all iPad Air models). We provide you with everything else: the eye tracker, the software, the carrying case - even the chinrest!