Does it have live data viewing?

Yes, you can see where the user is looking live from any computer with Wi-Fi.


How many users can be connected at a time?

Up to 3 people can view the data as it's being recorded.


What does the data look like?

The scene camera is 720p HD (30 frames per second) and has a very wide angle field of view (90 degrees horizontal). The user's point-of-gaze is indicated with an attractive, transparent reticle graphic.


What's the range?

You can be up to about 20 meters away, but it depends a lot on what's between you and the user.


Do I have to stay in range?

No. The unit continues recording whether observers are connected or not.


How long does the battery last?

At least 5 hours of continuous recording.


How long can I record?

At least 5 hours of continuous recording.


Can I use my own software (MATLAB, E-Prime, etc.)?

Yes. Full documentation of our open API is provided with every purchase. It's as simple as sending and/or receiving data over a TCP socket. Also, you can write your own software in any programming language that supports TCP/IP networking on any platform.


How accurate is it?

The reticle shows you where users are looking within 0.5 degrees of visual arc. Another way to describe this is to think of it as a single pixel in the image from the scene camera. If gaze error is introduced during a recording, you can correct for it later in our Analyze software. It's as easy as drag and drop.


Can they move around during testing?

Users have full freedom of movement during testing. The system has built-in head movement compensation and a clip on the battery pack allows it to be placed easily on a user’s belt.


Does it work outside?

We've used it with no problem on overcast days and at dusk. Bright, direct sunlight interferes with the eye tracking functionality.


Can I pump audio through to the headphones wirelessly?

Yes. You can speak to the user or play music or other audio - it's up to you.


What does the eye tracker record, exactly?

The eye tracker finds the user's pupil and measures its diameter 60 times a second.


Can I divide a longer test up somehow?

Yes, you can divide a longer test into Tasks, each of which with a name and description/instructions for the user.


Can I gather data from just particular parts of a recording?

Yes. You can create areas of interest (AOI) to gather data just for specific parts of the scene. Also, for any recording that involves a lot of movement through different environments, you can create scenes that divide up the recording so that you can look at data from different parts of the recording.


How can I visualize the data?

In addition to the standard replay with the point-of-gaze reticle, you can use our Analyze software to produce heat maps, gaze plots, bee swarms, and to draw areas of interest (AoIs). You can export still images and/or videos of all of these to a YouTube-compatible format (H.264 MP4).


Does the software run on Macs?



How much will you charge for software updates?

All software updates are free for the life of the product.


How much does it cost? Do you offer academic discounts?

Please contact us to get a quote or invoice.