EyeGuide Analyze


Analyze is a full-featured, approachable app for analysis and visualization. Running on both Windows and Mac, Analyze provides researchers with drag-and-drop parallax compensation, a variety of out-of-the-box visualizations, as well as the ability to effortlessly export images, video, and raw data.

Take control of your data analysis and reporting by allowing Analyze to do the heavy lifting. For our power users, Analyze provides a very easy way to simply export all data you've worked on, then import into any other compatible software suite. We don't tell our users how to work with the data they own, but Analyze provides wonderful features if needed.



Features in Analyze


Import recordings
Get your data all in one place. Sync to a project file that can be transferred to other computers as simply as copying a file.

Adjust gaze offset
Sometimes, things happen, and error is introduced. Correcting the gaze offset is as easy as drag and drop.

Configure research parameters
Don't like our definition of a fixation? Customize it to replicate an existing study or to meet your own goals. The output data updates on the fly.


Visualize data
Analyze produces heatmaps, bee swarms, gaze plots, and areas of interest (AoIs) with a single click.

Export data
We understand that you might want to analyze the data in software of your choice. It's as simple as File -> Export CSV.

Present data
Anything you see in Analyze, you can share with the world. Export still images and videos to Windows, Mac, and YouTube-compatible PNG and H.264 MP4.



EyeGuide Visualize


When you need to quickly start your next eye tracking test, Visualize is there to help. This app was designed to help users easily setup new projects, add recordings, modify project settings, and then replay recordings to check for quality. Visualize is an app that runs on Windows, Mac, or iOS (iPad only) to help cover just about any test scenario.

Whether you're recording in the field, in a hallway, an office space, or recording your computer's screen, Visualize helps you capture your video and data, then quickly import into EyeGuide® Analyze.



Features in Visualize


Set up and run a test
Give your test a name, a description, and add tasks for the user to perform.

Monitor live data from almost any device
You and up to two others can observe the test live – wirelessly using your iPad, etc.

Collect user demographics
Create up to five user demographic fields for future marking and analysis.

Record for up to six hours uninterrupted
A built-in 32 GB SD card along with Visualize’s proprietary streaming video file format allows for 6 hours of recording.

View live playback of recordings View any recording at any time. If you don't want them anymore, delete them.

Verify user’s eye calibration remains locked on
A reticle shows where the user is looking, and another video image shows if the eye camera is locked on the user’s pupil.






Do you need additional flexibility? Does your research have goals not served by our bundled software? All of the data provided by the EyeGuide Mobile Tracker is accessible by our open API.

In fact, our bundled software applications, Analyze and Visualize, are themselves built on the EyeGuide API, so there's no secret sauce. Using the API, you can build your own applications that maximize the potential of the Mobile Tracker platform.